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Bridesmaid Survival Kit in a Jar

Take a look at the best wedding planning survival kit in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding! FLOWER GIRL’s Survival Kit Image source

DIY - Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Lunch Box... with FREE printables. Guess what, the printables are on magnets!!

You have to see our latest "Will You be my Bridesmaid" idea!

kadootje vrijgezellenfeest Here's a clever spin on the bridesmaid proposal! As your gap pal to be your bridesmaid with a DIY lunchbox, filled with things she'll love, her response will definitely be YES!

DIY bridesmaid survival kit tutorial with a free printable label from Something Turquoise.

DIY Bridesmaid survival kit - so cute and so easy!

Wedding day emergency kit. Def used a lot of these at the wedding I was in last week so I have a good one started!

48 Items To Have In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit

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Top 10 DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits - Top Inspired

Top 10 DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits

We recently featured a few wedding day emergency kits for bridesmaids, but what about the party that happens before the wedding? You know, the bachelorette party? The one that may lead to a morning of headaches, under eye circles, and that lingering feeling of grogginess. If you plan on throwing such a bash, prepare...Continue Reading »

Putting Together a Bachelorette Hangover Kit

2. DIY Bridesmaids Emergency Kit: This is a super easy thing to put together, and it doesn’t have to be too fancy! Put together some necessary day-of items for your bridesmaids for the wedding. That way, if they have a wardrobe mishap, blistered feet, or breath that needs freshening, they’re covered!

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