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Breaking Bad Fan Art: 12 Fantastic and Funny Examples

Last night, The Breaking Bad Art Project opened at in Los Angeles, featuring a collection of gorgeous meth-friendly art. But "Breaking Bad: The Animated Series" might just be our very favorite. Check out a collection of the beautiful artwork.

Breaking Bad - honestly one of the greatest television shows I've seen (next to Battlestar Galactica of course)

you are missing out on a fantastic piece of television. Breaking Bad - honestly the greatest television show I've ever seen.

Breaking Bad - I'm so behind the times; just started Season 1! #heisenberg #breakingbad

Actores tras las cámaras

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Vince Gilligan on the Breaking Bad set

Breaking Bad.. It took a while, end up being epic!

Watch The Series Finale Of Breaking Bad At Old Eagle Tavern, Chickie's & Pete's And More Spots Around Town This Sunday, September 29

Top 5 Pins: Breaking Bad Party Bash. Absolutely love this!

Top 5 Pins: Breaking Bad Party Bash

Funny pictures about Breaking Bad cupcakes. Oh, and cool pics about Breaking Bad cupcakes. Also, Breaking Bad cupcakes.

A visual guide to Walt and Jesse's relationship in Breaking Bad

The Walt-Jesse Connection: How Breaking Bad All Comes Down to Two

Starting Breaking Bad now. Trying to watch some really good TV series over the break.

25 Best Pieces Of Breaking Bad Fan Art

'The Cook' Breaking Bad Print Title: 'The Cook' TV Series: Breaking Bad Designer: Tim Doyle Date: 2013 Numbered: Hand Numbered Signed: Hand Signed Format: 4 colour hand printed silkscreen Edition: Limited edition of 300 Size: 12 X 24 inches

Heisenberg sketch.jpg #breakingbad  Do you miss the series Breaking Bad?

Walter White

Heisenberg sketch that appeared in the series when the Mexican Cartel was looking for him. I love Breaking Bad!