Dear Girls 101: Post Break Up Letters: To The Next Person She Love...

Dear Girls, Know that someday, there will be a person out there who is the person you are meant to be with.

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A Break-Up Letter To The Boy Who Already Broke Up With Me

Teaching the Declaration of Independence as Break Up Letter

Langhorst in Liberty, Missouri teaches his graders about the Declaration of Independence by describing it as a break up letter. You can read the orig.

Best Break-Up Letter Ever: Ask Kelsi Where Your Stuff Is! That's what you get for cheating!!!

Scorned girlfriend pens scavenger hunt breakup letter for cheating boyfriend so awesome lmao

This activity allows the students to connect the Declaration of Independence to a break-up letter.  The activity lays out the break-up letter step by step.  The activity also tells how to use it in the classroom.

Declaration of Independence Break-Up Letter

I want him, but I also want to get over him, and neither are happening. #PictureQuotes

Stupid woman hello we are in each others life we have a child together.Women who want men to not be with their kids amaze me.

How to break off an affair, sample letter to send to the person you are having an affair with.

How To End An Affair - Sample Break-Up Letter

Writing a letter to yourself in a powerful self-development tool. Learn how to do it here.

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Has that elf that you once thought was so cute slowly become more creepy over time? Have you grown tired of trying to find new and creative places to put him year after year? Do you feel bad manipulating your children at the holidays with one of Santa's spies? If you've answered yes to any of these questions or for any other reason you feel like your Elf on the Shelf needs to go, then this Elf on the Shelf Break Up Letter is for you! An Elf on the Shelf Break-Up…

Are You Ready To Break-Up With Your Elf on The Shelf?

Here's is how to break up with your elf on the shelf without traumatizing your kids or ruining Christmas forever.