DIY Harry Potter craft ⚡ DIY book clutch / book purse!

Book Clutch

Upcycled Book Purse. I have made one with handles, this is another cute idea.

DIY: A green version of Natalie Portman's clutch

laurajmoss: DIY: A green version of Natalie Portman’s clutch Natalie Portman carried an expensive book-like purse to the premier of ‘Black Swan.’ Learn to create your own look-alike purse, DIY-style.

How to make a book clutch like Natalie Portman's Olympia Le-Tan Lolita one

DI(fr)Yday: How to make a book clutch

I've been quite in love with Olympia Le-Tan book clutches for almost a year now.

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These Literary Messenger Bags are Perfect for Holding All Your Books

Leather Book Bag Brown Leather Book Purse - krukrustudio - etsy I want one in my favorite book!

* Olde Book Purse

Olde Book Purse

OMG IT'S A BOOK PURSE! We figured it was about time we put our savings into our books literally with this Olde Book Purse. It looks like an old leather-bound volume you'd find in your grandmother's library, but it functions like a handbag.

This is so clever! I think I'm going to have to make one of these!

Book Bag Literally, Tutorial

So excited to see this tutorial! I've wanted to make a book purse for years. Now I need to hit the used book section at my library/thrift stores to find the perfect book. Thinking a JD Robb, Charlaine Harris or JR Ward would be perfect.

Hollow out a book to turn it into an awesome and adorable clutch! Perfect for book lovin' gals!

Homemade Book Clutch