I got: Bonnie Bennett! Loyal and brave, you are always there for the people you love. You quite possibly have a 6th sense, and you have a strong connection with nature. You have always been smart and witty, and slightly sarcastic. Know that you always have the courage and skill to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Which Vampire Diaries girl are you?

Which Vampire Diaries Girl Are You?

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Day 14 of The Vampire Diaries 30 Day Photo Challenge - Least Favorite Female Character Bonnie. I hate Bonnie.

I got Bonnie Bennett! Which Lady From "The Vampire Diaries" Are You?

Which Lady From "The Vampire Diaries" Are You?

I got: Bonnie Bennett! Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You?

The Vampire Diaries Bonnie Bennett (love her the reason I watch the show!!!)

The Vampire Diaries: Get a Peek at Season 4 With Even More New Photos!

Ik I always feel bad for her she helps everyone but she ends up getting hurt

I have to admit earlier season I didnt really care for Bonnie but now I realize how much she really has sacrificed for everyone. She deserves to be happy. She is the true hero of the show.