Outfits for women -- Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week featuring the kimono. Pair a floral kimono with a striped dress for a fun look.

Cute Outfit Ideas of the Week #58 - Kimono Outfits

Kimono outfit ideas -- wear a kimono over a striped fitted dress for an instant style boost.

Diese Bomberjacke in den Farben Grau, Creme und hellem Camel ist aus extrafeinem Kid Mohair gestrickt. Die Strickjacke ist wunderbar leicht und wärmt dennoch hervorragend. Da es sich bei dem Material um sehr hochwertiges Super Kid Mohair handelt, ist es sehr angenehm auch direkt auf der Haut zu tragen.

tricot mohair ∮ gilet laine bomber gris crème et rose pâle (cardigan knit wool)

More like, ohh she's probably never seen one of these in person...but really Clarke it's a shoe and you're not that type of person...oooh riiight, weapon...knew I could count on you Clarke, you know what needs to be done.

I never for a second thought clarke was looking at those heels as anymore that a weapon.

Everyone blames CLARKE for her mistakes but BELLAMY shares her mistakes

clarke on

The 100 ~ Ep 2 x 16 ~ Bellamy Blake ~ Clarke Griffin ~ Bellarke ~ Octavia ~ Lexa ~ Abby ~ Jasper ~

The 100 crack || Bellarke || Blake siblings || Bellamy Blake and Octavia Blake || Bob Morley and Marie Avgeropoulos

The 100 crack, Bellamy and Octavia, I agree with Octavia !

Thanks, now I'm crying even harder.

This just kills me, I actually thought that she learnt to do them herself but she was the one to do her first braid in season two, then Lincoln did the rest ;