Nobody cares - Love this quote! To those who always think others are jealous of them or want to be them, really? Narcissistic people need to get a life!

You secretly love inspirational quotes and puns.

"Well, it's no secret that the best thing about secrets is secretly telling someone about your secret. There by adding another another secret to you secret collection of secrets, secretly..."

Spongebob Hawaiian Birthday Party For: Child 9 years old boy The party had spongebob themed invatations that had spongebob and patrick the star fish on them. Which grass skirts and pineapples all over the card.

it took me like, forever to get this until one day I was using a sponge and I was like "WHOA!!"

I just realized this...

dont u get it the tough side is green and that episode was when that side was being mean and tough 2 everyone brahahaha