My ‘Lantern Corps’ logo series inspired by the DC universe of the Green Lantern.  (Hope) by Digital Theory

My ‘Lantern Corps’ logo series inspired by the DC universe of the Green Lantern. (Hope) by Digital Theory

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Blue lantern means hope but in this picture it a mix between him and the flash

Brother Warth (Blue Lantern)

Warth is from Sector He is the second person to be initiated into the Blue Lantern Corps.

The Blue Lantern Corps is an organization appearing in comics published by DC Comics, derived from the emotional spectrum. Description from I searched for this on

Blue Lantern Corps

As much as we want to be the green lantern to fight our battle, sometime it is just tiring to see no result. Luckily we still have hope. The Blue Lanterns. This is to all affiliate marketers.

Blue Lantern Core Oath. If I could be any lantern, I would be a blue lantern.

as my watchers may have noticed ive been redoing a few of my previous projects recently so heres the lantern corps oaths redone Blue Lantern oath 3

Today I learned that there's a BLUE Lantern corps, and that a corgi is (non-canonically) one of its members. And that this corgi makes cutting remarks about how women are dressed in comic books, and is thus awesome.

The Blue Lantern Hope Corgi DEFINITELY needs to be canon. He makes everyone feel better!