like this potentially as a blog layout. Like the font of videos, beauty. etc)Want to have categories, so she has videos, beauty etc. I would like weddings, engagements, couples, collaborations (I sometimes do posts for other companies) Think this would be a cool look for that? Not the logo or script font though.


Font, clean, imagery (too in your face, but never the less still a nice aesthetic)

we wore what blog design  - fashion blog design   |   by: http://GOLIVEHQ.CO


The text over the photos are all styled different but feel like they are in the same "family" I love how its completely mix matched but still feels cohesive

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Free Fonts and Font Pairings for the Web, Social Media and Blog Post Images | I’ve been in a bit of a font craze lately hunting for the perfect fonts to use for Pinterest and Instagram, and  I’m sharing some gems I discovered so you can use them too! Click through to see and download the fonts!

Free Fonts and Font Pairings for Web, Social Media and Blog Images