A red and a black phoenix on the man's side. Color: Red. Tags: Creative

Double Phoenix Tattoo Idea

phoenix ink by quintocavaleiro. this would be cool if it were the shadow of a person, hunched over and seemingly defeated, with the phoenix rising above

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Google Image Result for http://vgboxart.com/resources/logo/2052_the-amazing-spiderman-prev.png

If it was all blacked out, or even in a darker shade of red, this would make a superb micro tat for the spiderman fan

Black And Red Koi Fish Enso Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo

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Ink tattoo man men arm flower

Top 55 Latest Tattoo designs for Men Arms

From demons to waves and more discover the top 120 best Japanese sleeve tattoos for men. Explore cool traditional design ideas from shoulder to wrist.

Men's sacred geometry tattoo by Anna Day

Geometry tattoo with many shapes and designs. Possible go-to for me right here, concept wise.