This would be beautiful with any color. Remember,  turn a gloss color Matte by adding corn starch!  This is SOOO COOL!

Tropical Nail Art That'll Transport You To Paradise

Over 1871 people liked this! French matte black nails for the adventurous :) matte matteblack nailpolish nailart beauty

These designs will make you want to change up your polish even more often than you already do.

10 Ways to Nail the Ombre Trend With Your Mani

This is the perfect glitter ombre nail art. A black polish base coat is complemented w/ a glitter polish. For the ombre effect, paint just the bottom half or top half w/ glitter.

Matte black nails, being so bold and sleek, are quite trendy right now. Click to see the most eye-catching matte black manicure designs.

21 Matte Black Nails That Will Make You Thrilled

If you want to try something new, why not opt for matte black nails? This design looks really extraordinary. See our matte black manicure ideas.

Ahh... if only I could get my nails to look that pretty, and stay like that. Black is such an eternal and powerful color. A great choice for your nails!

I always have my nails like this…. (being me...)

Black nailpolish can be stylish, clean and sexy. Make it work: Short nails, square shape, no chipping (reapply 1 coat every night and it will last 1 week)

Matte Black Nails That Will Make You Thrilled ★ See more:

21 Matte Black Nails That Will Make You Thrilled

MATTE BLACK NAILS FOR 2017 They’re simple, elegant, and classic. You can’t go far wrong with matte black nails, and when you throw that shimmer-glitter one in for good measure, you have the perfect matte nail designs for fall and winter. We’re certainly a