So happy with how these photos came out with @Alex Leichtman Marie for our bird-inspired shoot! Check out the rest of the photos at

Bird makeup that could transition well into deer. Maybe fake red eyelash wings for red birds and blue ones for blue birds.

Bird makeup.  If you are using makeup to hint towards being something else, keeping it simple usually has more impact.

Scuttle makeup / similar for other gulls but much less gray for all. Orange beak lips - red underneath / orange over to darken the orange.

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finally a beautiful make up for halloween. not the boring zombie style....

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Ravena | tyharshman I.'s Photo | Beautylish

Inspiration takes all forms, and in these particular cases they take the forms of cats, birds, tigers, and even zebras! Check out some of the most stunning beauty looks taken straight from the anim.

cosmeticevolution: Fierce. Cool, I like how the feathered eyebrows are incorporated into the design.

cosmeticevolution: Fierce. (the poetry of material things)

I like how this person used her natural eyebrows as apart of her bird makeup application. Even though birds don't have eyebrows, she uses the eyebrow hair to add a feathery texture to her application.