Bird feeding station. Start vines up the sides

my new bird feeding station, a gift from my hubby. cant wait to start wisteria on the sides of it!

Grand Central bird feeding station- love that they included a ground feeder that happens to collect fallen seeds!

Grand Central bird feeding station- including a ground feeder that happens to collect fallen seeds!

Bird feeding station made out of an old patio umbrella.

How to Build a Bird Feeder Pole

Discover how to build a bird feeder pole from an old patio umbrella. It's cheap, looks great and can hold at least 6 different bird feeders.

Love our beautiful cardinals! What a beautiful bird feeding station! No wire small enough to "cage" them but still intricate.

Birdcage Bird feeder - great for where you have squirrel raiders!" best under cover so the seed doesn't mold. I covered mine with a clear plastic stiff sheet from a display box. Cut a slit in half way and slide over the chain.

How One Remarkable Woman Completely Transformed Her Outdoor Space On Her Own

"I am 5'3" tall and a 45 year old woman, so I'm VERY proud of myself for this." See how she got the backyard we all want:

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Building+a+Bird+Feeding+Station | Unique Bird Feeding Station Built by Students

A unique high bird feeding station has been built by the Year 10 horticulture team of students. Designed to resemble a tree, the structure has nine separate feeding areas, each made out of copper and wood, plus several hanging feeders.

A variety of idea's for bird feeding stations. Full pdf. version on site with some great recommendations for making the back yard feeder the best it can be. Takes a few minutes for the pdf file to download but worth the time.

The "ultimate" Advanced Pole System® set-up, available only at Wild Birds Unlimited, can also include a hummingbird feeder.