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Looks like back stitch, fly stitch and blanket stitch on the bird, stem stitch and lazy daisy for stem and leaves, back stitch for the outline of the flower, straight stitch in the petals but I'm not sure of the centre - buttonhole wheel?

Beautiful bird embroidery.

These astounding needlework pieces are by self-taught embroiderer Trish Burr from Cape Town. She has written several books on the technique.

Beautiful Embroidery

strandhuset: “ I was out searching for more striped preloved shirts today in my local op shop (as I do; I came across this beautiful wool embroidery wrapped in plastic and on the floor leaning against a table with some sad looking frames.

Bird embroidery on tulle // bird art // hoop art

Fish Embroidery on Tulle Turns an Embroidery Hoop into a Fishbowl

Katerina Marchenko stitches on tulle for a fantastic effect. Her fish embroidery make the colorful stitches look like they& in a fishbowl.