Mimí Derba (...¡qué paginita!)EXCELENTE ACTRIZ

Mimi Derba 1888 or 18931953 was a Mexican actress and the first female director in Mexico Derba founded one of the very first Mexican production companies

Ed Harris

Ed Harris phenomenonal actor that is handsome and manly, but he does not get his credit in Hollywood. It's a shame Hollywood is so shallow in respects of leading men and women.

Heston, Charlton - Signed Photo

Heston, Charlton - Signed Photo

Apr Charlton Heston American Actor, died at John Charles Carter; was an American actor in film, theatre and television and a political activist.

Jorge Negrete, mexican actor

Jorge Negrete: Actor, cantante de opera y musica Ranchera. His recording of "Mexico Lindo y Querido" ("Beautiful and Beloved Mexico") his country's unofficial anthem, is the best known recording of the song.