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Autobiografía de un hombre feliz - Libro

Autobiografía de un hombre feliz - Libro

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"Now  Ben" to teach compare and contrast!
Muerte e impuestos, lo único seguro
Benjamin Franklin Butler | eHISTORY
Benjamin Franklin Biography Worksheet

Benjamin Franklin Biography

Benjamin Franklin Fact Plate. Students watch a short biography and read Benjamin Franklin: His wit and wisdom from A-Z" by Alan Schroeder. Students then create a fact plate using 3-7 facts that they have learned describing Benjamin Franklin. This lesson correlates with the Social Studies GPS for 4th grade.
John Dickinson in The American Revolution #john #dickinson, #the #american #revolution, #biography, #bio, #brief, #history  # The American Revolution John Dickinson in The American Revolution John Dickinson (1732-1808) was a highly successful lawyer and legislator in Philadelphia who became a leading political figure in the state and a conservative opponent of…
FRANKLIN'S THIRD PART OF HIS QUICK BIOGRAPHY   Escape to Philadelphia  Running away was illegal. In early America, people all had to have a place in society and runaways did not fit in anywhere. Regardless Ben took a boat to New York where he hoped to find work as a printer. He didn't, and walked across New Jersey, finally arriving in Philadelphia via a boat ride. After debarking, he used the last of his money to buy some rolls. He was wet, disheveled, and messy when his future wife, Deborah…