This doesn't look difficult to make.  It is a bike stand, for storing bikes in an apartment. :)

Bicycle Storage Solutions

How To: Super Easy and Strong DIY Bike Stands | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: pipe, pvc, diy, stand

How To: Super Easy and Strong DIY Bike Stands

With all PVC extension pieces inserted the bike chain can be some above ground, at this height a lateral support is needed. Tie the vertical pipe to some fence post, wall etc.

DIY Bike Stand / instructables

DIY Bike Stand

I recently ran in a triathlon, and if your familiar with triathlon, you'll know that the event consists of three parts. First it starts with a swim, then.

bike stand - clever and cool solution

Bike Rack of Wood

When you have an expensive bicycle you don't like to store it in a garagebox or whatever. It is more interesting to place your bike in the living room, bed room,.

14 Ways of Reusing Old Wooden Pallets As Bike Racks

Diy Bike Racks: 14 Ways of Building Your Own Pallet Bike Rack

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How to Make a Bike Stand

Inspired by my previous project, the do-it-yourself work stand, as well as the DiY roof rack mod done by MarcS, I decided to tackle the issue of five bikes

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