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Big B Radio - KPOP - You are now listening to the K-Pop internet radio station. Big B Radio's KPOP Channel plays the hottest contemporary Korean Pop hits from South Korea. Tune in for continuous K-POP music.

Love this coastal beach bag tote as it's big roomy and still squashy yum x - branded leather bags for ladies, bags on sale, tan side bag *ad

Sunny Life Beach Radio

Sunny Life Beach Radio, I want one in each color! This would be absolutely perfect for a day on the beach in Emerald Isle.

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"Faces in the Rubble In the Bronx, Capturing Beauty in the Bad Old In the middle of a Mott Haven street, a lone couple hugs tightly and twirls to the music of an unseen orchestra. Bronx, New York. Photo by By David Gonzalez

That is so accurate. .____. Except for the first pic.  One of the first Kpop mvs that I saw was Tell Me Goodbye by Big Bang.... I liked that mv, so then I tried Monster...........  And that's when I fell in love with Kpop.  I was all  \o/ THIS.IS.AWWESSSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!! Lol

Sooo true lol haters gonna hate but I don't have a f**k to give cuz I loooove kpop ❤️

↰✯↱lugares - Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower, China - we had great views from the observation "pearls"