Bex Taylor-Klaus

A collection of oneshots and imagines of the one and only Bex Taylor Klaus and on of her most known characters from the TV slasher show, Scream on MTV and netf.

Bex Taylor-Klaus

((FC:Bex Taylor 😍😍)) Hey I'm Bex! I have a big brother named Colby and calum.

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I'm absolutely in love with her and this beautiful picture she's my Cutie 😍😍😍😍

Bex Taylor-Klaus

Hehehehe sorry I had to)) Hey! I'm Bex. I have a older brother and a younger sister.

:Bex Taylor-Klaus: "Sup, I'm Bex. I am 18 and single. Dylan is my over protective brother. I am bisexual. I like to take pictures and film people. And yeah.. Intro

:Bex Taylor-Klaus: "Sup. I'm Bex. I love to mess with people. Oh I am bisexual, yes ladies and guys are my thing. Unicorns are annoying and the best to mess with.