Lily lashes are amazing!

The 10 Best Fake Eyelashes Brands To Know About

This treatment promises bat-worthy lashes, sans eyelash curler and mascara -- but does it work? One editor investigated

Layering it on: Ardell's Natural Demi Wispies are Mario's favorite drugstore false eyelashes, which he says can be double-stacked

Kim Kardashian's make-up artist reveals his favorite drugstore buys

Ardell Natural Multipack Lashes come with 4 pairs of strip lashes and a value pack of Individual Flare Lashes! Shop at CRC Makeup!

Makeup Forever has the best fake eyelashes!

The 10 Best Fake Eyelashes Brands To Know About

We’ve got false lashes for days! Check out the 50 different styles of our NEW Lash Show and tell us which one is your favorite!

The best fake lash I've ever worn! - Black Velvet Urban Lash from Urban Decay

infinityandbeyondlulu's save of Urban Decay Urban Lash False Lashes - Black Velvet - False eyelashes - Make up - Beauty - Debenhams Mobile on Wanelo

The best way to apply false lashes. You will regret not re-pinning.


The easy way to apply fake lashes. You'll regret not pinning this. The only thing is some instructions on how to apply fake eyelashes tell u to trim them from the inner corner and some from the out. So that part I guess it depends on the lashes.

26 beauty hacks for flawless eyelashes (both real and, um, not real).

26 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Get Flawless Eyelashes Every Time

26 beauty hacks for flawless eyelashes (both real and, um, not real). I don't wear fake lashes but I like the curling and applying mascara at the same time

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes - 13 Best Makeup Tutorials and Infographics for Beginners

20 Cheat Sheets to Help You Up Your Makeup Game

Get more must-have eye makeup tips for beginners

Lashes, how to false eye lash guide. Good Im lash challenged. Now, maybe Ill try falsies.

House of Lashes makes great fake lashes!

The 10 Best Fake Eyelashes Brands To Know About

Ladies, this glue will hold on for dear life! But don't worry it is super gentle.

Companion Eyelash Glue - ESQIDO™ Mink Lashes

The Best Fake Eyelashes Brands Every Girl Should Know About

When deciding on a set of lashes, you should decide on whether looking for long lasting, real mink or super affordable.

11 Best Fake Eyelashes ... → #Beauty #Eyelashes

11 Best Fake Eyelashes ...

She Uemura Fake Eyelashes Sephora Glittery Fake Eyelashes Sephora False Eye Lashes Sephora Flirt-It-Lash-Duo Fake Eyelashes Sephora Delux Lash Kit - Glitter

Velour Lashes

I& not a false eyelash person, to be honest, they are difficult to apply and I am fearful that part of it will disconnect from my lash lin.