Directions for making a bee skep--hard to keep bees in (can't harvest honey) but pretty to look at...

How to Build a Bee Skep

How to build an old-fashioned bee skep. It's really a form of coiled basket and is fairly easy to make.

Handmade Bee Skep Apiary Primitive French Style Wedding Garden Nursery Decor

Bee skep cloches make a wonderful addition to any decor, whether it be Primitive, French Country, Cottage or Garden. We suggest when placing the - My Garden Muse

Hometalk :: DIY Bee Skep

DIY Bee Skep

When my friend challenged us to make our own bee skep, it was not to be ignored! I'm not willing to pay big bucks for something like this, so making my own was…

Modern Farmer | How to Build a Bee Skep

How to Build a Bee Skep

For centuries, beekeepers have used “skeps,” carefully designed domed baskets, to house their hives.

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Bee Skeps , bee skeps, and more bee skeps! Bee skeps of all shapes and sizes!

David Chubb, bee skep maker. When in use the skeps are given a waterproof coating of wax by the bees themselves.

David Chubb, bee skep maker

Bee skep--->cool idea to encourage bees at your garden/flowers Insure all materials and plants are NEONIC FREE.

bee skep Very nice simple vignette. I will hope to find a bee skep ( or two) this summer. Could make this bee sleep out of rough rope.

Bee Skep with clay planter on the bottom.  Good for side yard

Bee Skep with clay planter on the bottom. Good for side yard! Good way to display a bee skip!

Bee Skep Bead

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