This might be a good option for the small bedroom one day.  Fit a big bed in there with storage on the walls.  Not sure if it'd work.

5 Clever Ways To Handle Small Interiors

This bed hidden under the basement stairs is such a treat! Love the cosy feel with the luscious bedding! Just snug under the stairs! Would love to have a secret hiding place like this for cuddling and reading.

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18 Clever Uses for the Space Under Your Stairs

The 11 best ways to use the space under your stairs!

The 11 Best Ways to Use the Space Under Your Stairs

Si vous avez un escalier, la plus grande erreur que vous pourriez commettre serait de gaspiller l’espace en dessous de celui-ci. C’est le moment de se décider pour occuper cet espace; e…

15 manières d’aménager l’espace sous votre escalier

I would make this for my dog bed...that would keep them off furniture and give them their own space.

Doesn't HAVE to be hard? WILL be hard? ---Constructing a reading nook doesn’t have to be hard. Give these 4 DIY reading nook projects a try!


Not enough storage spaces? Here is a perfect idea suitable for any home! Use the space under your bed – whether it’s your own or a kids’ one, there’s always .

Sorta like this 17 Marvelous Space Saving Loft Bed Designs Which Are Ideal For Small Homes

17 Marvelous Space-Saving Loft Bed Designs Which Are Ideal For Small Homes

Attractive Elegant Loft Bed Design For Bedroom Saving Space With Modern Contemporary Loft Bed Design For Adults With Study Desk Under Bed And Storage Container As Stairs Minimalist Loft Bunk Bed Design For Saving House Space

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