So what do you say? (BBRAE) by on @deviantART

Something about Robin and Starfire since I drew so many Raven and Beast Boy things. I'm really into sketching the teen titans doing regular teen stuff . I'll try to draw some dynamic stuff too in t.

Realization<<<<YESH MY OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAVENXBEASTBOY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun celebrating bbrae week here's day hope you all like! bb and rae(C)dc comics and glen murakami Realization

Attractive Beastboy Ask<<<<YES, OH MY WORD, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  RAVENXBEASTBOY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a headcanon that shortly after Rae and BB start dating, Raven gets addicted to kissing him~ ♥ No reason in particular, she’ll just suddenly kiss him when they’re hanging ou.

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OTP - Beast Boy & Raven Series - Teen Titans Oooo, faster by an hour! XD Ah, I miss Teen Titans. I thought the chemistry between BB a.