Batman Redesigned | Concept Artwork For Different Versions Of The Bat Suit

Several artists and fans of the Batman have tried their skillful hand at creating concept art for different versions of our favorite vigilante and his bat suit!

Picked up by CGchips. 2D,3DCG tutorials and 3Dprinter news site.

Batman redesign by Tyler Ryan /// Holy faceplate, Batman! Neat variant, with interesting nods to Red Hood, Nightwing, and Batman Beyond.

Batman redeign, Daeyoon Huh on ArtStation at

Batman redeign by Daeyoon Huh (I hope he doesn't sound like Bane from TDKR)

To Soar…    Who is this or is this a Batman redesign..?

To Soar… Who is this or is this a Batman redesign.- the French batman I think he's called nightrunner

Batman Redesigned by David Sunoo

Batman Redesigned by David Sunoo This is dope. This could be like his new exo suit to fight Superman

Batman Redesign

My entry for Project Rooftop& Batman redesign comp. Didn& win but at least I got an honourable mention.yes, how primitive of me.

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pulsatingveins: rhubarbes: The Batman by Anthony Jones.‎ (via Anthony Jones) More about batman here.

Justice League Redesigns - Album on Imgur

Justice League Redesigns

Batman concept by on @deviantART

Batman Redesign by on DeviantART. Looks to me like a Mashup of Batman and Batman Beyond.

Cool Batman Character Redesign by Kizer Stone — GeekTyrant

Cool Batman Character Redesign by Kizer Stone

Discover the Art of Coran Kizer Stone, a character designer, illustrator, storyboard artist and concept designer working in animation and games in Cali.

Tech batmna

Would not complain if my man slowed up in the bedroom in this. Batman by Worasak Hamm Suwannarach