Helping just one person can make the difference !

What should I do if my child is being bullied online?

Stop bullying artwork by kristina Webb people need to understand that words hurt? how many more teenagers need to die to figure out that bullying is wrong?

Nosotros Los Publicistas by Cathe Mayorga, via Behance

Nosotros Los Publicistas by Cathe Mayorga, via Behance

This targets the stereotype of how some people may be portrayed as. However, it also targets the issue of bullying. The story behind picture is not to judge people based off of what you think is going on, because you never know what the person may actually be dealing with.

Change The Way You Think First

people just need to stopbullying people every time i here of being bullied at school i cry Repost to stop Bullying!

Is your child's school unresponsive about bullying? Here's Dr. Dorothy Espelage's advice on what to do next in our #KITHoftheDay

School being unresponsive about bullying

✋Stop Bullying! sadly to people who bully think it's funny well it's not it makes u feel worthless and like u don't belong and no one cares or url not good enough .

To all those people out there that I've talked to.... *virtual hug*<-- yessss and if you ever need to talk I'm always here (I have no life) and if I ever talk to you don't be afraid to open up and rant.:

Hug for everyone crying behind their screen. Unfortunately, I can't fly to your house and break your window to do it myself, so I'll do it virtually!i hope i can fly to ur place

Words hurt. I almost cried because I been a few of these people. Bullies are not welcome around me......... ~ ₪•BE•₪

People really need to read this! I hate bullying, totally against it! instead we should be making people smile, giving them hugs I am done with being bullied

Don't judge someone by what you know about them... You probably know nothing about them!!!

Signs of Teenage Depression -Teenage Suicide and Prevention

But true. Let us all stop this bullying thing. SHARE this message to everyone. Little acts can do greater things.

13 Stories That Will Give You Hope - Part 1 Awesome Inventions

Page 34 - Top Stories - Gives Me Hope That is so sweet! I am overweight and always finish last when we run this makes me feel so happy that there are people out there that still care

This is aspiring model Courtney. Courtney has been fortunate enough to get some small modeling jobs for Esty shops and boutiques. As her mom Michele says, "Modeling and advertising are starting to change… now is the perfect opportunity for Courtney to be 'discovered'!" Like and share to show your support for Courtney following her dreams!

She's beautiful! If someone wants to be something let them be it. She would be a great model! People are models because of their size and beauty which is stupid!

Repulish if you would grab him in a hug and never let him go and help him tho... GIF


Repost it! It could change a lot of lives just by getting the word our to others so... REPOST!!!

Honestly I hate this type of STUFF just because I don't repost these things dosent mean I'm heartless! However, my grandma died of cancer so I realize things like this need our support

Basta de Bullying. No te quedes callado 1. La OEI apoya campaña en favor de escuelas libres de violencia

Basta de Bullying. No te quedes callado 1. La OEI apoya campaña en favor de escuelas libres de violencia