basement laundry room -- I like the simplicity of this room, the wooden folding table, the shelves over the washer/dryer, the drying rack, the laundry sorter under the table (genius, then you don't have to see the messy laundry!), and the bright red stool

Before and After: Pugmire Laundry Room

basement laundry room -- the wooden folding table, the shelves over the washer/dryer, the drying rack, the laundry sorter under the table, and the bright red stool

Now we're talkin'.  Basically unfinished but still very cool. Painted floor, cinder block painted white, curtains for walls and exposed lighting.  Has a French country house vibe going.  For more basement ideas check out

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Tips for Painting an Exposed Basement Ceiling

Tips for Painting an Exposed Basement Ceiling

Check out this Laundry Room Makeover Finale! Combo laundry/mudroom. You won't believe the Before and After pics of this once dark pit of a room, which was changed mostly with paint.  Now it's been transformed into an organized & pretty space!  #laundry #mudroom

My Laundry Room Makeover Finale

IDEAS FOR BASEMENT/LAUNDRY Makeover: Black Painted ceilings - we have so many holes in our basement ceiling, I kind of wish the previous owners hadn't bothered installing it.

One of the best basement laundry room makeovers  we have seen.  Before and after laundry room makeover photos.

Behr Basement and Masonry Waterproofer Paint on the walls and Behr Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint on the floor. The ceiling was painted with regular white ceiling paint.

My goal for this summer (other than planning our wedding and Joe's birthday party) is to make this happen under our stairs!@

Great Ideas for Unfinished Basement Space

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Tiny laundry room space-saving idea – hanging pipe shelves to get lots more space in this small laundry room.

Tiny Laundry Room Ideas - Space Saving DIY Creative Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

Basement Laundry Room Makeover Ideas, How to Finish a Basement Laundry Room, Spruce Up Basement Laundry,  #Basement #Makeover

Incredibly Basement Laundry Room Inspiration Ideas

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14 Basement Laundry Room ideas for Small Space (Makeovers)