This sick barong

I really dislike the traditional barong tagalog. In dire need of an update. This is a really good step in the right direction.

Modern Barong | Photo: Donnie Magbanua

Elegant White and Gray Wedding by the Beach

Barong Warehouse - Measurement Guide for Barong Tagalog - 2016

Measurement Guide for Barong Tagalog (Men & Women)


Philippines national costume for the men for the bachelor party? Barong, a formal attire for Filipino men usually worn during formal gathering like weddings and usually used by male Filipino lawyers in the courtroom.

Barong Warehouse - Cocoon Pina Barong Tagalog 001

Cocoon Pina Barong Tagalog 001

This hand-embroidered barong is made out of Cocoon, an intricately-woven fabric that closely resembles Pina.

Barong Warehouse Size Chart

Barong Tagalog for Men – The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit of the barong tagalog for men is key to making you look as good as possible. Get a great fitting barong tagalog at Barong Warehouse today.

Raya Barong Tagalog #4015

Raya Barong Tagalog #4015

Valentino resort 2013

Detailed with a gauzy overlay of lace-laden silk, Valentino's soft yellow shirt-style dress looks like an updated barong tagalog.