Grotta Palazzese: A Restaurant in a Cave with an Astonishing View

Grotta Palazzese is a stunning hotel restaurant carved into a vaulted limestone cave in the town of Polignano a Mare in Southern Italy. This Stunning Italian Restuarant Built Inside A Cave Lets You Dine With Breathtaking Views.

8 Towns Not to Miss in Puglia

The 3 Week Diet Weightloss - Ostuni is one of the 8 gorgeous towns in Puglia not to miss. There are so many hidden gems in this southern region of Italy. The 3 Week Diet Weightloss -

10 Spots To Go Off The Beaten Path in Italy

The Trulli houses of Alberobello in the Puglia region of Italy were built by settlers from limestone and not much else. An impressive dry stone building technique meant the houses could be collapsed simply by pulling out a keystone.

This is where Pat and I will be staying for alot of our time in Italy :) Bari, Italy.

10 Reasons to Visit Puglia in Southern Italy

Puglia is a charming region in Southern Italy. It's not as touristy but worth visiting. Here are 10 reasons to visit Puglia in Italy

Puglia, Basilicata, Campania Southern Italy Tour

When I go to the Adriatic side of Italy with my family, we make sure that we get to eat at least once in a trabucco (or trabocco) .