Ballet is seriously the best, y'all  Seriously combine this with yoga perfect workout (:

7 Steps to Self-Development

Good Arms move Ballet is seriously the best, y'all Seriously combine this with yoga perfect workout (:

Welcome to a blog devoted to ballet, fitness and eating well. I'm obsessed!

sandwiches A bodyweight workout for your legs. beautiful dancer's legs Motivational Fitness Quotes Got a spare wall?

Ballet Fitness - keep in shape ..[click the photo twice]..You should try this My ballet workout my teacher kept motivating me and now I'm a great dancer PLEASE FOLLOW ME FOR A FOLLOW BACK~

7 Steps to Self-Development

5 Ways to Sculpt Lean Thighs The Long & Lean Ballerina Workout Sexy Leg Workout 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge Bubble Butt at Home No Weights Workout Butt Workout

How To Eat Like A Ballerina

How To Eat Like A Ballerina

Try these healthy eating guidelines—and delicious recipes—for your best body yet

Sonoya Mizuno, 27-year-old ballet dancer.  None of the photos are altered or retouched in any way...

Aerie's new ads feature an unretouched ballerina

As both ladies and men's clothing of winter, of course, located between models wool sweater indispensable products. On the one hand elegance and comfort on the one hand a hand in order to achieve warm (Ballet Fitness Clothes)

I have the book this picture comes from... but love the simple directions with arrows!

7 Steps to Self-Development

Standing in ballet is a little more complicated than it seems. And then, somehow, you must remember to BREATHE!

People ask me for some good excersises to lengthen and strengthen their bodies... I use these all the time

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking for a dancer than a slippery dance floor. The most popular dance flooring is vinyl, or marley, while other common surfaces include hardwood and laminate.

There’s a good reason ballet workouts have become so popular recently: They work.

Inner Thigh Workout: Ballet-Inspired Moves

There’s a good reason ballet workouts have become so popular recently: They work, plus you feel like a pretty ballerina :)

..:: Laura Braga ::..: Anatomical studies and moleskine sketches

"Some anatomical studies - (Sport) by Laura Braga, via Behance"/dance/pose/anatomy/reference

Here are six simple, yet effective moves we can do to be a little bit closer to plieing just like professional ballet dancers.

A Ballet Warm Up You Can Do Everyday

lordbyron44: Anna Sharovyova

lordbyron44: Anna Sharovyova (A well traveled woman)

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” — Rainer Maria Rilke (via awelltraveledwoman)

Wellness Advice From Ballet Beautiful Owner, Mary Helen Bowers | StyleCaster

A Pro Ballerina Shares a Page From Her Food and Fitness Diary