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Read a Balance Sheet

How to Read a Balance Sheet. A balance sheet is a snapshot of a business's financial health on any given day. It is a detailed document of what a business owns, what it owes, and who that money belongs to.

Accounting equation cheat sheet showing the simple balance sheet format for small business bookkeeping accounts.


The Basics of Understanding Financial Statements: Learn How to Read Financial Statements by Understanding the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement

Accounting balance sheet guide for small businesses

Accounting Balance Sheet

Want to know what an Accounting Balance Sheet can tell you about your business? Here is some free basic balance sheet information, definition of balance sheet, balance sheet format etc.

Downlaod the free printable balance sheet form for small business in excel and pdf format

Balance Sheet Form

Great (and cute!) free printables to track our money with the save, spend, and give categories. I'm also going to use this to track what the kiddos earn by doing chores.

Printable Balance Sheet

You might have a budget, but does it work for you? I love these tricks for sticking to your budget.  #1 is the best tip of all!

The Tricks for Sticking To A Budget

Learn how to create a budget that will actually work. Includes free budget template to print so you can make your own workable budget

A=L+OE, debits and credits, rate of depletion, fifo vs lifo.... that was already in accounting 1!!!

The balance sheet is a snapshot at a single point in time of the company's accounts - covering its assets, liabilities and owners' equity. The purpose of the balance sheet is to give users an idea of the company's financial position along with displaying