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Hannibal Lecter's favourite joint

Grammar fail: Tables are for eating customers only. No loitering. This is a run on with punctuation errors. GRAMMAR WIN: Tables are only for customers who are eating. No loitering.

Academic Things Is this why people use bad grammar? And the people who leave them out when they're needed are just minimalists?

bad grammar

Examples of Funny Grammar Mistakes. Common grammatical errors, Sought: Two strong, clean youths for sausages.

Your Bad Grammar Really Bothers Me

Some days I wish I had a crappy education so your grammar wouldn't bother me so much. - Amen to that

ESL exam? | 10 Funny Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

10 Funny Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

And sometimes "your" should really be spelled "you're" ..... Isn't that right Highland Park Junior High School???

Funny Grammar Mistakes On Signs In America [20 Pics]

Incorrect verb and punctuation errors "Grammar Win!:" It's a fact; tacos are brain food.

"Its a fact tacos is brain food" is not correct because there needs to be an apostrophe in "its," there needs to be a comma after "fact," there also needs to replace "is" with "are," along with a period. Grammar wins: It's a fact, tacos are brain food.