Thinking of making my own scrapbook styled pregnancy journal and baby book. Ideas?

Do-it-yourself Pregnancy and Baby Journal

Idk why I'm looking at this. It's just making me feel guilty that I didn't write it all down. And now I can't remember.

50 Priceless Memories to Record in Your Baby Book

Pin for Later: Our 25 Most Popular Pins of the Year 50 Priceless Memories to Record in Your Baby Book Let's face it: the first few months are a total blur. We're thinking that's why this baby-book guidance was so popular.

Track your little one's milestones with these free baby printables. Download and print to create your own baby album.

Free Baby Printables: Track Milestones

Baby’s First Year Journal: Part II. Tips for making an unconventional baby book.

DIY Creative Baby Book Ideas and Tips

Want to make an unconventional baby book? Here are my DIY creative baby book ideas and tips for creating a journal of your baby's first year.