The Brawlening (Part1) by Katie Tiedrich on Awkward Zombie.

honestly the only smash character from fire emblem i ever liked is Robin in the new ones, all the others just seem so darn bland and boring

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - The Beautiful People  disclaimer this post has nothing to do with Marilyn manson

Portion of artist's note: "On a side note, Link has been undergoing a slow, tragic mutation into an expressionless anime elfman for years and I'm afraid it's terminal.

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - Friends Like These - Fire Emblem: Radient Dawn

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - Friends Like These. In awakening maybe a third of my team has switched sides

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - Tricks of the Trade (Part2)       It makes me feel bad to know that I've also done this.

Lol this is why I always feel bad when I try to "catch 'em all". Don't judge me.

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - Dreamy- Moral of the story: Make sure Mewtwo is your friend, not your enemy or puppet master.

Later that day - Roy: hey Marth! Roy: Marth why are you blushing? Marth: NO, DO YOU!

Comic courtesy of Awkward Zombie. Mass Effect.

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Awkward zombie. I like the awkward zombie marth the best

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AWKWARD ZOMBIE - Food for Thought

AWKWARD ZOMBIE - Food for Thought