"I just wanted to make sure you know that you're beautiful today," he said to her every day he could. -Derrick Ferree

Sexiest Women in Movie History

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Femme fatale Ava Gardner in swimwear that attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, and Ernest Hemingway. Gardner’s performance in the 1946 smash hit The Killers earned her notoriety in.

Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh---only Ava had that charismatic star posture that made everyone around her disappear.

Ava Gardner, Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh at the Empress Clubin London, photographed by Bert Hardy, 1952

hepburnandhepburn: “ gatabella: “ Ava Gardner on the set of “The Little Hut” ”

Ava Gardner: took no shit. Once had the shit beat out of her by George C. Scott and had the presence of mind to call the one guy the could definitely level the playing field, ex-husband Frank Sinatra.

“Everybody kisses everybody else in this crummy business all the time. It’s the kissiest business in the world" ~Ava Gardner

Ava Gardner is considered by many to be the most beautiful Hollywood actress of all time. She married three famous and successful men and was a celebrated actress in her own right.