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Uncle rick taught me this. Heracles is the Roman version of Hercules. And it's spelled Athena. Not Atena.

Astronomía: de Galileo a los telescopios espaciales / Rafael Bachiller

Astronaut & Cosmonaut reaching towards each other in space 1975 by John Berkey

- Greek Gods II - by ooneithoo on DeviantArtKoré and Hermès (on the top) Artémis and Apollon  (on the middle) Hébé and Dionysos (on the bottom)

Here is some art nouveau portrait I realised for Inktober challenge, featuring the eldest greek god who appear in my comics book So let me introduce : Hestia and Poséidon (on the top) Hér.

Beautiful Freckles

15+ Freckled People Who’ll Hypnotize You With Their Unique Beauty

Apollo ("Belvedere") - detail, Roman statue (marble) copy of Greek original (bronze), 2nd century AD (original 4th c. BC), (Museo Pio Clementino, Musei Vaticani, Vatican City).

Which Greek God Are You?

I am Apollo! Which Greek God Are You? Check out my recently published book: "Knock Until the Dog Barks: An Adventure in Puerto Vallarta." And remember that Apollo helped me write it. Student writings from Apollo High School and the good god himself.

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Homem Forte: 7 Dicas para Equilibrar o Visual

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Lucas Bin at Vision LA captured by Daria Kobayashi Ritch, styling by Sue Choi in this week’s editorial Teen Spirit. Delve into the full series here.