Well meant, but in an increasingly heated world, this better be some pretty light material

Futuristic Clothing

Also love how much bleaker the word futuristic has gotten. These folks are ready for an apocalypse, not shiny spires and togas.

post apocalyptic jacket diy - Google Search

Daring Desert-Inspired Jackets

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Post apocalyptic fashion, mainly for the jacket, and im kinda in love with this hair

Mother of London "Gorkon" jacket. Photo by Twink photography, model Lacy Valentine.- nevermind the jacket i love that hair

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion, aside from the gas mask i would actually wear this now.

REFERENTES: Fotografía + Puesta en Escena + Prendas Post-Apocalyptic Fashion, aside from the gas mask i would actually wear this now.

Possible look for Stephano and Trinculo (with different colors to distinguish from Antonio and Sebastien).

Black Gold - Conor McLain pho­tographed by Eli Schmidt and styled by Ryan Davis for the lat­est issue of Essen­tial Homme.

DIY Dystopian Cowl Neck Shawl by Kiisu23.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A quick (and very thrown together) tutorial on how to make a DIY dystopian style cowl neck shawl.

44 Apocalyptic Fashion Styles - From Luxe Apocalyptic Fashion to Haute Apocalypse Gear

44 Apocalyptic Fashion Styles

44 Apocalyptic Fashion Styles 44 Apocalyptic Fashion Styles Apocalyptic Fashion - These apocalyptic fashion styles are showcasing how dire.

16142730_1591227934225323_4029097834098238639_n.jpg (725×960)

post apocalyptic gloves / wasteland wear / dystopia / texture / layers / details / cosplay / LARP / SO KICKASS :D

this outfit won't work, because it'll be too hot but pinning it because i loveeeeee the look

Is the Backpack Becoming The New Briefcase?

Fashion editorial: Bruna Tenorio by Jacques Dequeker for Vogue Brazil June 2010 - think desert fashion, mountain treks in brown and sandy colours.

Combat Cargo

Rock'n'Roll is in the Soul: Visual Kei Punk look for the Anime Emo Punk Tech Movement of 2054 in book series, "The Biodome Chronicles" by Jesikah Sundin (see board for "Legacy", "Elements" and "Gamemaster")

i-xodes:    deathgazer:    DEMOBAZA

Post-apocalypse clothing / fashion / post-apocalyptic wear / male / dystopian / menswear / men's / apocalypse style / looks / armbands / loose /

Pixie warrior by shortcuttothestars Term from pidgequeen.   (I mean, you could take or leave the dagger.)

Pixie warrior by shortcuttothestars Term from pidgequeen zombie post apocalyptic fashion adventure dystopian