alchemist.....although i'm the witch with my friends( don't mess with me or i just might curse u*winks* ) ^.^

Demon – is my favorite type of anime girl, but I would wanna be a Mage, Knight or Ghost! What about You?<--- I got a ghost my name is freedom howl

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I am a little dissapointed with this im not even a anime character

Aquarius, Anime girl, text; Zodiac Signs

SPEED-PAINT : Flower: Geraniums October 22 At the heart of the constellation Scorpius, the red giant star Anta.

the zodiac signs as harry potter characters - Google Search

the singns as anime tropes very smart + glasses white hair very cutesy, but will kill you when given a reason to quiet + beatiful + has a horrifying backstory

Signs of Role in School Life, Pervert, Sensei, Senpai, Club President, Main Character, Smart A**, Anime characters, crossover, Shuu, Tokyo Ghoul, Sebastian, Black Butler, Makoto, Free!, Levi, Attack on Titan, Takumi, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, Anime boys; Zodiac Signs  Please tell me the names of the missing Animes and/or characters if you know

I'm cancer, YASSSSS! I'M FINALLY WITH SEBASTIAN! This is like half ish correct because my friend is a Taurus and I wouldn't say she's "the pervert". But one of my other friends who's a Pisces is definitely the smart ass

YES I GOT KUROKO NO BASKET!!! Follow me on Rina_Riza for more ANIME!! ENJOY!!

Damn I got fairy tail… I wanted ao no Exorcist… or Soul eater, with is actually my friends sign….