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Im Athena goddess of wisdom and war im nice and kind but im serious all the time well most of the time

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My name is Lynn. 17 years old. I'm just a normal quite boring human. But I do know about these so called 'Gardians'. I've been living with my grandparents ever since my mom, dad, and twin sister disappeared two years ago. It's been hard but I make do. I also work at a coffee shop full time. My dream is to study astronomy since I have an obsession with space.

23 years old. Oldest twin sister to Dominique Garnett. Works at a coffee shop and as a waitress. Majors in psychology and has a minor in mythology and astronomy. I JUST REALLY LIKE THE RED HAIR

Let’s see what’s NEW in these two release and how to upgrade from a previous version of Linux Mint. Description from I searched for this on

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