Anderson Cooper... I think he's so handsome! I think it is the white hair! - YUM!

There's something about Anderson Cooper that screams awesome! Oh right, the fact that he's a news anchor for CNN and has his own show might have something to do with it! December 2011 One of the most authentic humans I've ever met. What a privilege.

It's a beautiful thing when someone's gut reaction in an instant is to do the right thing.

Anderson Cooper Carries Bloody Child To Safety In Haiti (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper rescuing a boy from a gun fight after a slab of concrete fell on the boy’s head

Anderson Cooper Adopts New Ridiculously Cute Puppy - Petcha

My dog Molly passed away a few months ago. This weekend Lilly showed up! She's a Welsh Springer Spaniel. by andersoncooper

Anderson Cooper (June 3, 1967) American writer, journalist and presenter, o.a. known from newschannel CNN.

Image detail for -CNN anchor Anderson Cooper will be the Grand Marshal of the IPL 500 Festival Parade on May Cooper is an Emmy award-winning journalist and bestselling author.

Anderson Cooper. Yeah, I'll have a relaxing morning in that breakfast nook with you, you silver fox.

Anderson Cooper at the breakfast table. Sighhh, I would sooo become a Century "house-husband" (ya know a model housewife) for him!

Now we have to kinkshame Anderson Cooper! Or maybe he just wants a family and hasn't found the right person to have one with

There are a couple ways to take this and none of them require kinkshaming.

Anderson Cooper you silver fox you! If only you were mine. HA!

Love me some anderson cooper. Who cares if he's gay? He's intelligent, sexy, and funny. Almost makes me wish I was a gay man.

Anderson Cooper!!!

Creepy AC 360 does not include the brotherly love of true blue community building up like our friends of Military ruling with Martial law.

CNN anchors Anderson Cooper, the only person that looks good in white hair!

The Hotness on CNN Stud anchormen

Anderson Cooper- silver fox of the newsroom.look at those gorgeous blue eyes.its no wonder I can't concentrate on news cast.

We just can't get enough of Anderson Cooper's adorable laugh. In honor of CNN's 35th anniversary...

Anderson Cooper Has an Adorable Giggle Fit in CNN Blooper Reel—and We Dare You Not to Laugh: Watch!

Can You Watch Anderson Cooper Talk About a Serial Pooper for 2 Minutes Without Giggling?

Anderson Cooper's Old Identification Card For   Channel One News.

Anderson Cooper's Old Identification Card For Channel One News

I was born "Anderson" Hays Cooper on June *Journalist/Author/TV Anchorman

Anderson Cooper is a silver fox, and his eyes are a national treasure.

It's Official: Anderson Cooper To Host Warner Bros TV-Syndicated Daily Daytime Strip But Also His CNN News Show

Anderson Cooper--he will always be my dream silverfox even if I'm not his type