Andean Condor - I have seen these beautiful birds in the Chilean Andes - amazing - graceful - deadly!

An Andean Condor: These amazing birds can be seen in The Chilean Andes. They have the largest wingspan of any land bird: between -

Andean Condor sitting on an ancient statue

Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus) a S.American bird in the New World vulture family Cathartidae and the only member of the genus Vultur: the Andes mountains & adjacent Pacific coast of W-S. The Andean Condor has a wingspan of up to m

Male Andean Condor, Cobquecura, Chile ~ by Alan Shapiro ✿⊱╮

Male Andean Condor by alan shapiro photography . He may not look pretty, but they are the most incredible birds I have ever known EM

Andean Condor – Leather Wing Necklace by Brenda Lyons Would you like to see your nature-inspired photography and other artwork here on Wordless Wednesday? Contact us at pathsthroughtheforests[at]gmail[dot]com with a photo and link of the piece you’d like us to consider.

Wordless Wednesday: Andean Condor

These 21 Gigantic Animals Are Unbelievably NOT Photoshopped!

These 21 Gigantic Animals Are Unbelievably NOT Photoshopped!

1970 National Geographic Society book and photos by Helen and Frank Schreider.

Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus Adult Male Photograph  - Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus  They can live to be 50 years old or a bit longer.  Highly endangered.....

Andean Condor Vultur Gryphus Adult Male Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Tui De Roy

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