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All true except the Zutara thing. Though I am Zutara the rest is Kataang

Unshed tears in those big blue eyes

Unshed tears in those big blue eyes

I insulted you, I slept next to you, I supported you, I swore I would protect you, I held you, but most of all....I loved you

loved you - this was Merlin's pure, humble, selfless service, his whole reason for being, just as Sam served and loved Frodo so purely and deeply.

dont mind me crying my face off over here i mean Karezi is only MY FOREVER MAIN OTP

dont mind me crying my face off over here i mean Karezi is only MY FOREVER MAIN…


I know a lot of people ship clintasha, but I think Clint is more like Natasha ' s brother and it's really sweet.

Damn dont mess with peoples ships

I feel like they are kinda pushing for Lance X pidge which i dont think is a horrible combination<<<Nah, it's more of a friendship thing to me. A really cute friendship, ya know?

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hey everyone how are you all? how's school going if you've started? I hope you're doing well, ily ps isn't this cute I want to be more like this

Me. And everyone else ever. Thank you Aelin for being so relatable.

I ship them, BUT only as best bookfriends can I please have my own book Dorian best friend ? With whom I can talk every day about the suffering of reading sjm books?

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Levihan/ ahahaha Hanji is so drunk and Levi making fun of her ahahaha, I love both of them and they would be soooo amazing as couple ! (but when you still ship Ereri ;

Nick's love and and concern for Judy #3. No one understands how much this part means to me. Because names have power, and when he calls her those nick names it shows teasing and joking around. But when he is scared that she is gone, he calls her by her real name. Because he is scared and he really does care about her.

This is the only time we hear Nick call her by her first name, THAT is how worried he is about her, he never wanted anyone to see any of his weak spots so he made jokes and she was his weak spot so he gave her nicknames but here he lets his guard down