Amon Amarth, Jonsviking

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Amon Amarth is my favorite band. Their mix of brutal metal and viking folklore makes their sound unique and powerful.

Amon Amarth

Last weekend, I did a first for me - I attended a Metal Concert - Amon Amarth to be exact - and this is all about my experience.

Got this one as a backpatch too!

XLG Amon Amarth Bearded Skull Death Metal Music Band Woven Back Jacket Applique Patch

Amon Amarth!!! Twilight Of The Thunder God.

So you like Twilight?

I'm down with the guilty pleasure read of Twilight, but this is prime. My intro song to Amon Amarth is best Twilight.

Amon Amarth - Because few Bands can sound 3 strings simultaneously SO CLEAN at +220 bpm as minimum #VikingModeOn

Johan Soderberg is one of the premier death metal guitarists in the world. He has a lot of interesting opinions and though he was tired, was willing to open up about his career, goals, and his band…