Me encanta este vestuario, la silueta esta super bien formada! /american hustle costumes, michael wilkinson, amy adams costumes, movie american hustle, 70 era, costume                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Outfit Inspirations: Clothing Styles from Movies

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Amy Adams American Hustle

Collars, Curls, And Comb-Overs: Behind The Sensational ’70s Style Of “American Hustle”

sketch of Amy Adams' backless, gunmetal sequin evening gown in American Hustle, designed by Michael Wilkinson

See How Sketches Of Amy Adams And Jennifer Lawrence's Disco Gowns In 'American Hustle' Came To Life

How to Get Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence’s American Hustle Hair  #InStyle

How to Get Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence's American Hustle Hair

american hustle costume designer

American Hustle on

Amy Adams admits on "Good Morning America" to hitting Bradley Cooper probably a bit too hard in the face while filming "American Hustle.