A Standoff tie-in! Trapped in Pleasant Hill, the Avengers can't tell the heroes from the villains- and, worse, they don't even recognize each other! How can the Avengers act like a team when they have no memory of one another?

O artista plástico Alex Ross mudou todo o conceito das histórias em quadrinhos com seus desenhos hiper realistas os transformando em verdadeiras obras de arte.

alex ross: o hiper-realismo nas histórias em quadrinhos.

Kingdom Come Superman and The Justice Society of America // Art by Alex Ross.

Hulk by Alex Ross                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Hulk by Alex Ross

Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 With the search on to find Bruce Banner, Red She-Hulk may be the only hero who knows how to track him down. How did she learn this information, and will she actually use it to help find Banner?

alex ross | Alex Ross - Alfred Pennyworth - Tapiture

Alex Ross paintings

Batman variant cover featuring Alfred Pennyworth by artist Alex Ross. The illustration depicts Alfred holding onto the only thing left of his best friend, Batman.

These were important people to me growing up.

Alex Ross JLA: Secret Origins is a 32 x 23 Giclee on Elegance Velvet Canvas. Each piece of the edition has been numbered and is signed by Alex Ross with Official Certificate of Authenticity.

Alex Ross - Justice is a twelve-issue mini series written by by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger, with art also by Ross and Doug Braithwaite. It is possibly my favorite comic of all time,

Writer Jim Krueger, artist Doug Braithwaite, and fan-favorite superhero painter Alex Ross create the ultimate Justice League adventure.

wonder woman | ... Wonder Woman’s famed red, white and blue bathing suit on the silver

Beyonce wants to lasso the role of Wonder Woman

DC Comics Wonder Woman painting by Alex Ross Mythology: Wonder Woman - Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

joshwinchester:  The most awesome gif ever. Alex Ross’s sequence of Clark changing into Superman.  Taking flight.

Superman by Ryan Simmons ~~ image joshwinchester: The most awesome gif ever. Alex Ross’s sequence of Clark changing into Superman.

The Joker by Alex Ross                                                                                                                                                     More

Alex Ross Comic Art: Mythology: The Joker - Paper: Limited Edition Giclee on Paper from Alex Ross. Image Size x Paper Size x Created by DC Comics artist Alex Ross, Mythology: The Joker is the companion piece to Batman which is part of the Mythology series

Superman, by Alex Ross.  I don't even like Superman, and this is great

Alex Ross Superman Cover Original Art (DC, This was an oversized spectacular blowout action - Available at 2012 May Vintage Comics &.

Alex Ross Marvels #2 Cover

Alex Ross Marvels #2 Cover

Comics in the may get a bit of a bad rap sometimes, but we have ten great moments from that comic book era.