dtxmcclain:  Abandoned plantation house in Louisiana, 1938

Front of Belle Grove, One of the Grandest Plantation Homes Ever to Exist. Built in Iberville Parish, Louisiana Between it is Said to be the Largest Mansion Ever Built in the South. Abandoned in

FORKLAND, ALABAMA            Rosemount Plantation                                 | Old Abandoned Plantation Homes

10 endangered Alabama plantation homes, plus 15 mansions lost to history

Abandoned plantation home. I LOVE old houses, broken down shacks..I think its so fascinating that something so old once held families and memories and stories that we'll never know.

Seven Oaks Plantation, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. This photo was taken in The historic mansion was the home of descendants of one of New Orleans’ first settlers,Michel Seringue, who was the contractor who built the first St. Louis Church and the

Abandoned plantation in New Orleans, LA.. imagine the beauty if the inside! Love

Abandoned Gulf Coast is a site for viewing pieces of the forgotten. It is buildings, parks, houses and other places that are gone, deserted, forgotten or stuck in time. Please feel free to submit your own pictures of abandoned history.

Northampton County, North Carolina abandoned plantation,  Please my passion to restore and live in.

Northampton County, North Carolina abandoned plantation, Reminds me of the old house in The Notebook

tired old house and they are dying because people can't afford to maintain them, or pay the taxes on them. And there is not enough money from historic preservation groups to help those of us who would love to restore them.

34 Forgotten Homes Sitting Peacefully Alone In The World

abandoned mansion along old route 15 in the Southern Tier in New York between Corning, NY and Mansfield, PA

Macland Plantation - This house was moved from Washington, Louisiana to St. Francisville, Louisiana

Macland plantation house was moved from Washington, Louisiana to the St. It was often used in its early days to offer hospitality to Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy.

Abandoned plantation Birmingham, Alabama. photo by Michelle Bryant Summers

Abandoned plantation home-rural decay Birmingham, Alabama. Photographer: Michelle Summer pretty sure this could be the house from The Notebook, I'd live there in a heartbeat! With my Noah :)