Muppet Babies 80's cartoons. A nice run down memory lane.

The Muppet Babies, cartoon series of the Muppets as babies! I used to love love looovve this show but I was scared of the real Muppets on the Muppet Show for some reason :s

He-Man and She-Ra in The Secret of the Sword

I remember the He-Man Master(s?) of the Universe live-action movie as quite a kick, but I missed the He-Man and She-Ra (Princess of Power) animated movie.

Gummi Bears. 80s cartoons

The Gummi Bears. cartoons-- I totally remember this cartoon from when I was a kid! They are the Gummi Bears!

80's cartoon. We are the LIttles, cause the Littles don't stop!! LOL

One of my fav cartoons! Every 5 years or so, I thought of this cartoon and never ever knew the name of it! I would watch those again for sure!

She-Ra Princess of Power 30th Anniversary standee for Mattel's booth at San Diego Comic Con 2014.  pinup, tv, 80's, cartoon

She-Ra Princess of Power Anniversary standee for Mattels booth at San Diego Comic Con pinup, tv, cartoon

:If I had Words: by ~peanutchan on deviantART - Two of the horses that got some of us started.

If I had words to make a day for you. I'd sing you a morning, golden and new. [link] Swiftwind and Starlite. :If I had Words:

H-B's "The Herculoids"... yeah, I watched 'way too many cartoons when I was a kid... and yeah I have all the Herculoids episodes on DVD... what's your point?:-D

H-B's "The Herculoids". yeah, I watched 'way too many cartoons when I was a kid. and yeah I have all the Herculoids episodes on DVD.

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I'm popeye the sailorman! Toot toot i'm strong to the finish coz i eat me spinach im popeye the sailorman.

She-Ra, Princess of Power

She-Ra, Princess of Power. The first character who got me hooked on kick-ass females. Bonus points for making He-man look like a sidekick, having a flying horse, and a cool sword!