love all of these tights/shoes combinations. how to make them look not-costumey in modern day?

shoes and tights. I remember the comments about the 'net curtain' tights! Shoes from the were so dapper. guant 60's shoes

Authentic Vintage Yellow Mod Mary Jane by VintageShenanigans.and I love vintage stuff!

Post-death fashion I feel like once she finally embraced change she would be very avant garde if only because she still doesn't understand modern fashion and ends up being really stylish without intent | Valentino | Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear | looks like the 60s style

Spotted at Fashion Week: The Best Shoe Trends of Fall 2014

Bright yellow dresses with white stripes & yellow Mary Jane shoes 1960's

1960s Dresses - A Rainbow of 50 Dresses (Pictures)