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Hairstyles A collection of photographs, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, like the perm, softwave bob and the coxcomb curls, and one lady even sporting a boat ornament on her head. Victorian Hairstyles Here.

The original photograph is a magazine cover from the and the perfect indicator of the beauty ideals of the time.

1930s Hairstyles – Face Changes | Glamourdaze                              …

Hair Line Can Transform You - beauty report by Carolyn Van Wyck Hardly a day passes that my mail does not bring a dozen or so letters asking me

love the vintage  - her lips are perfectly perfect!

vintage makeup and hair (especially pale skin and vintage shaped bright red lips) in the woods or on a chaise lounge

10 Screen Sirens Whose 1930s Hairstyles

10 Screen Sirens Whose 1930s Hairstyles