Plan of activities for 18-24 month olds

Plan of activities based on Shichida method of right-brain education - development on photographic memory, instant calculations and creative thinking. activities for toddlers.

5 tips for photographing 3 month olds by Christina McGuire

5 tips for photographing 3 month olds

5 tips for photographing 3 month olds by Christina McGuire. Ellie will be 4 months but these still apply I think.

Activities for 18 to 24 Months what my toddler loves from

Fun Simple DO-ABLE Activities for 18 to 24 Month Old Toddlers

Fun and engaging Activities for 18 to 24 Month old toddlers, a great collection of home made activities and other suggestions to keep your toddler busy! Great activities for 18 month old!

Lots of good home made DIY activities for Cs age.

Put on paper towel circles onto paper towel holder Cut paper towel roll or toilet paper roll into smaller circles, and show your toddler how to put it on a paper towel holder or a stacking tower holder.

We all want to teach our children responsibility, but more than that we want to teach them to work joyfully with glad hearts, right? So when should children start receiving chores beyond “brushing their teeth and combing their hair?” I was totally in the dark. I had no idea these were chores until I …

18 Chores for Your 18 Month Old

Including Your 18 Month Old in Your Daily Chores This is GREAT. I can totally relate to this Mom, I do the same thing with my 2 year old. He loves helping me out!