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four different patterns with pineapples and other fruit
surface pattern designer and illustrator
Tropical fruit by Wendy Kendall
a pattern with tropical plants and flowers on a dark blue background, suitable for wallpaper or fabric
Melville - Lunelli Textil |
an intricately designed wallpaper with birds and flowers in blue, green, red and yellow colors
Morris and Medieval | Tiles from Textiles | Medieval and William Morris Designs
Morris and Co. Tiles from Textiles : William Morris Tile
a white background with red, blue and yellow flowers on it's sides is featured in this image
Museums & Galleries
Textile Design (leaves)
an artistic tile with leaves on it
an abstract colorful pattern with many different colors
Amazing Chevron pattern :-) Art Print by Mrs. Opossum | Society6 cool for a quilt pattern!
a black background with red and yellow roses on it's sides, all in different colors
Raoul Dufy
an abstract blue background with wavy lines in the shape of a spiral, on top of a
Sonriza Print Indoor/Outdoor - Marine And Pool Fabrics
Marine / Pool
blue and white art work with many different types of mushrooms on it's surface
Blue. Mushrooms batik
a blue and white rug with squares on the bottom, in different sizes and colors
Modern Furniture & Decor
a green and white rug with squares on it
Area Rugs
Green geometric
an abstract rug with various shapes and colors
Celebrating Comfort & Personal Style | Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum